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Xyron Gold

Xyron GOLD advance Natural weight gainer formula.
More effective  than xyron and ability to break the stuck weight.
60 capsules for one month.
One capsules before breakfast and one capsule before dinner with water.

15,000.00 12,750.00

Availability: 167 in stock

Availability: 167 in stock

More Information

1. Improve digestive system.
2. Enhances absorption.
3. Nourishes the body tissues.
4. Improve strength and stamina.
5. Ability to break the stuck weight.
6. Maintain the level of vitamins and minerals (especially iron)
7.Increase appetite.
8. Enhances the muscles growth.
9. Boost immune system.
10. Maintain the growth hormone (GH) level.GH stimulates the protein synthesis.

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